Preferred Payment Method

Zyger Host’s preferred payment method is via credit card or EFT (electronic funds transfer).

Credit card payments

Zyger Host accepts VISA and MasterCard, issued by a recognized South African Banking Institution. When it comes to paying with credit card, your card information is safe and secure, and is encoded in our system by using 128-bit SSL technology. Therefore, you can be rest assured that your card details will by no means be available or accessible to third parties. When you return a purchase, the specified amount will be credited back to your bank account.

When choosing to pay with credit card, you will be redirected to our secure payment gateway to enter your credit card details.

EFT (electronic funds transfer)

Why should I use the EFT option? EFT is convenient in that it is not time consuming and it’s easy to use. Zyger Host also creates a safe and trustworthy banking environment for the benefit of the customers and the company.

This payment method requires the customer to transfer money directly from his/her account into Zyger Host’s account, through computer-based systems.

If you select EFT, you will be redirected to our secure payment gateway and asked to select your bank. The details for the EFT payment will then be displayed, along with instructions regarding references etc.

All bank deposit EFT’s require proof of payment to be sent to before your order will be processed. If payment does not reflect for an EFT transaction we may request proof of payment to be sent before your order is processed.

Updating your Details

It is vitally important that your details are kept up to date to ensure receipt of invoices and notifications.

Updating your banking & contact details is easy and convenient with C-Panel:

  • Simply log onto C-Panel and click on ‘Account Admin‘.
  • Select one of the options on the left hand menu which enables you to update your ‘Account Holder‘ contact details, your preferred ‘Payment Method‘, and your ‘Banking Details‘.

Defaulting on Payment

If payment is not received within a seven day period from date of invoice, a series of email notifications is sent as a reminder of the outstanding payment. Zyger Host will give the customer a few more days to settle the account.

Should payment not be forthcoming, the hosting service(s) will be suspended and subsequently terminated. Zyger Host will accept no responsibility for any loss of data or transactions during this period.